Yeovil in Bloom making South Somerset flourish

Released On 26th Jul 2022

After a lot of hard work, collaboration and plant growing we are welcoming back the Britain in Bloom South West judges for Yeovil in Bloom 2022 on 27 July.

The Bloom initiative is funded by Yeovil Town Council with the floral displays being designed and maintained by South Somerset District Council’s Environmental Services in association with the Yeovil in Bloom Steering Group.

The town’s annual entry into the Britain in Bloom South West Region competition involves contributions from local businesses, schools, residents, Yeovil Country Park and a number of It’s Your Neighbourhood (IYNs) community and friends groups.

Yeovil in Bloom appreciates the importance of the environment, both built and natural, and aims to enhance the appeal, wildlife, conservation, and heritage. All whilst working with residents, businesses, and community groups by creating projects and improvements.

This will all be reflected in the assessment undertaken by our Judge this year on Wednesday 27 July by the Chairman of South West in Bloom, Jon Wheatley. The assessment itself is broken down into three main pillars, floral, which makes up 40% of the grading, sustainability and environment which is 30%, and community participation making up the final 30%.

A wide range of work is carried out throughout the year, including horticultural displays that turn Yeovil into a blooming beautiful display of colour, as well as our roundabout displays, spring and summer bedding plants and even street cleaning.

The local and natural environment are also key features and influence the projects being undertaken such as rewilding to increase biodiversity, seed bomb giveaways, and working with our communities to enhance local nature, wildlife and heritage.

The team also support local community groups such as Yeovil Rivers Community Trust, Reckleford School, Able 2 Achieve and Kenmore Gardeners, to name just a few. To enable local groups to educate, encourage and raise awareness of the local environment, environmental crisis and how individuals can help make a difference.

The Horticultural Team help communities enhance their green spaces by donating seeds and plants, teaching individuals how to grow and look after them as well as leading on tree planting and a local garden competition to bring the community together for their love of plants.

A particular project that has excited us this year is the growing initiative with Able 2 Achieve at our Lufton Depot Plant nursery, the group work with us on a regular basis to grow and nurture some of the plants that you see in the blooming floral displays around the town.

On the 27th there are three hours to show off all this hard work and the highlights of Yeovil with an additional 30 minutes to showcase three of our IYNs: YDH Dementia Garden, Kenmore Drive Gardeners & Able 2 Achieve, the other IYN’s are assessed on a separate day.  Unfortunately, three hours isn’t quite long enough to showcase all the amazing work our environmental services team and residents have put in, but don’t worry - every single part of Yeovil in Bloom gets assessed before the results are announced in October.

Manny Roper, the chair of Yeovil in Bloom steering group would like to share thanks to all of those who are involved. “Yeovil in Bloom says it with flowers and brings a fresh floral breeze into Yeovil and the local community. It’s great to see the horticultural team support so many community groups and projects such as Able 2 Achieve. The team work tirelessly to create such wonderful displays such as the floral display celebrating the Queen’s platinum jubilee at St John’s Church. Whilst we must not forget the hard work of our street cleaners, residents, community groups and businesses who work so hard to make Yeovil a great place to live, work and visit.

Everyone involved deserves a round of applause and I’m sure the outcome of judging will reflect all the hard work.”

Yeovil in Bloom is now in its 26th year with support and funding from Yeovil Town Council to enhance the visual quality of the town and bring the local community together helping boost local people’s wellbeing and mindfulness.

Yeovil in Bloom supports South Somerset District Council’s Environment Strategy, improves the visual quality of the town and encourages communities to come together. Making South Somerset flourish.

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