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Released On 26th Oct 2022

Businesses, Fix your date with Fixy!

Hundreds of pieces of unwanted tech are being given a new lease of life through the Fixy initiative, and we’re looking for more businesses to get on board.

Fixy is a repair and reuse project, banging the drum for the sustainable consumption of electricals and repair and refurbishment instead of throwing away.

Through Fixy, your company can donate unwanted tech items at a Fixy visit or by taking them to a drop-off point.

Since May, more than 250 items have been handed in through these ‘tech amnesties’, including dozens from businesses at the Welsh Mill Hub in Frome.

Fixy visited the hub to discuss repair and reuse with staff and offer a tech amnesty to businesses and the local community.

Once collected, Fixy’s partner company, DonateIT repairs or refurbishes items, making sure they are in full working order before giving them to people that need them. Donate IT securely cleans all memory so you can be assured that none of your data will be left on the device when it finds a new home.

Donated items go to school children, refugees, elderly and isolated people, thus addressing the digital divide.

The project is a great way for businesses to help the environment and promote sustainability by preventing electronic and smart tech from going into the waste stream.

Coordinator Rob is ready to visit your business and explain what Fixy can do for you. It could mean letting your IT department know how to securely and safely donate your unwanted or outdated computers and laptops items, or enthusing your staff about reuse and repair.

He can also arrange your own ‘smart tech amnesty’ at your offices, so staff can bring in unwanted items from home to contribute to this worthy cause, along with any unwanted IT items from your offices.

Items accepted include smart phones, laptops, tablets, digital cameras, PCs, hard drives, servers and routers, and relevant power cables.

To find out more and/or arrange for a free Fixy visit, email the coordinator, Rob Hookway fixy@somersetwaste.gov.uk or click here to let us know how you would like to get involved in this initiative.

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