Electric Vehicle Charging advances across council car parks

Released On 3rd Apr 2023

In partnership with Devon Councils through the DELETTI project, South Somerset District Council is delivering an Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station Network across council owned public car parks in South Somerset.

Although the project has faced unforeseen delays and challenges in getting connections confirmed with the local District Network Operator, we are delighted to announce that 14 Scottish Power EV Charging Stations are now fully operational. The programme will continue post vesting day into the new Somerset Council, and over the coming year, 13 further Charging Stations will be installed when connection dates are confirmed and scheduled with the district network operators, bringing a total of 27 EV charging stations across Council owned public car parks in South Somerset.

The network is being installed and operated by Scottish Power, with the electricity required being provided from their wind farms. The 27 charging stations will each have two universal 22kW Type2 charging points to allow a total of 54 Electric vehicles to be able to charge at any one time.

Cllr Sarah Dyke, Portfolio Holder for Environment at South Somerset District Council said:

"The EV charging network across many council owned car parks in South Somerset is starting to be switched on which is really exciting. These will be a great contribution to help provide electric vehicle re-charging across the district, encouraging more people to switch to cleaner modes of transport.

We chose to work with Scottish Power because they source the power from their own wind farms, helping to further reduce emissions from transport use which is good for everyone, and it also helps us towards reaching our goal to be net zero carbon by 2030."

Scottish Power’s Smart Solutions Director, Chris Carberry said:

“Scottish Power is excited to be working with South Somerset District Council and all the project partners involved in the Deletti programme. This is one of many such projects which demonstrate our commitment to speeding up the transition to cleaner electric transport, improving air quality and over time, driving down cost, all to deliver a better future, for everyone.

Scottish Power are proud to be the UK’s first, fully integrated energy company that generates 100% green electricity".

To see which South Somerset District Council car parks have the EV Charging Stations fully commissioned for use please see list and locations on: www.southsomersetenvironment.co.uk/ev

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