The Rendezvous' Learning Programme is coming to Yeovil

Released On 11th Mar 2021

The Rendezvous' Learning Programme is coming to Yeovil, after six successful years in Sherborne, matching volunteer tutors with young people age 14-25 who need their maths or English functional skills qualifications to move onto apprenticeships, jobs and college

Dani Turner, from Podimore in Somerset, has already experienced one to one learning with The Rendezvous. Working with volunteer tutor Paul Blake they decided to go back to basics and after a lot of work Dani passed her Level 1 Maths Qualification.  She has now competed the entire Level 2 course and is nearly ready for the exam.  

‘It hasn’t been easy - I’m not a fast learner.’ says Dani ‘I have had my ups and downs and found it really difficult at times, but the attention and time that I have had from my tutor Paul has made me really determined to keep going.’ 

Dani came to the Rendezvous when she was told she needed a Level 2 maths Qualification to be accepted on her Performing Arts course at Bournemouth University.  This was a bit of a shock.  She had always struggled with maths at school, had failed her GCSE and not been able to do her maths access course at college as her timetable didn’t fit.   

She found that learning at the Rendezvous was very different to school. ‘One to one teaching is brilliant as you can ask questions all the time if you need to. Paul helps me to break down and understand the questions. You don't have the distraction of a class. You really feel the support around you and that gives me confidence. 

The tutors genuinely want to help you to get your qualification. The fact that they are volunteers is amazing, and really shows how they want to help young people’ 

Dani and Paul meet once a week and have been able to continue their learning together throughout the last year, as The Rendezvous tutors switched to online learning when necessary using Microsoft Teams.  ‘Its amazing technology’ says Dani. 

Paul has tutored around 20 young people with The Rendezvous in Sherborne since he started 6 years ago.  ‘When I first met Dani she lacked any confidence in maths and did not believe she could do it.  Her change in self-belief is fantastic.  She has a terrific work effort and she has matured and grown in confidence hugely.  

Getting her Level 1 certificate in Functional Skills Maths meant a lot to her.  Helping with maths builds confidence and the change is very rewarding to me’.

Dani hopes to take her exam in a few months.  ‘I’ll do my best to go on with my dream career of acting professionally.  One day I hope to get there. Meanwhile the whole experience has been great. Its 100% impacted me, I can do lots of maths now and feel like I can pass my final test!’ 

If you or anyone you know is interested in finding out about Maths or English one to one learning with The Rendezvous, or volunteering as a tutor please get in touch with Julie and Faye on  The website is 

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