Preparing to Breastfeed Workshop

£35 per couple or £17.50 per person

3 hour workshop directly addressing the most common reasons for stopping breastfeeding early and provides you tools you need to make your breastfeeding relationship relaxed and rewarding.

🌟Skin to Skin
🌟 First Feeds
🌟 What to do if experiencing pain
🌟Positioning and attachment
🌟Expressing before and after baby is born
🌟 Sleep
🌟How to tell if feeding is going well
🌟Where to find help
🌟How dad/partner can support

Extra bonus of:
🌟How you may use a sling as an aid to support breastfeeding
Nine Springs Natural Health Centre
70 Hendford
United Kingdom
BA20 1UR
Start Date:
24th Feb 2020 at 18:00
End Date:
24th Feb 2020 at 21:00
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