Hodman & Sally

Hodman and Sally are an enchanting interactive puppetry walkabout. They have lived happily by themselves for hundreds of years, living blissfully unaware of the changing world around them.

They have decided to venture out in search of fame, fortune and friendship. Now they are enjoying a second youth touring the world with all of their possessions strapped to their backs.

The delightful and captivating Hodman and Sally are a charming pair of wonderful wanderers, coming from the proud country of Oblivia. Despite being completely oblivious (and proud of it) they will adorably attempt to explain the new and baffling world around them.

Audiences of all ages become completely captivated by the creative illusion and witty personalities of the two walkabout characters. Hodman and Sally are a fascinating duo that they will not forget.

Yeovil Town Centre, Middle Street
Middle Street
United Kingdom
BA20 1LF
Start Date:
18th Dec 2021 at 10:00
End Date:
18th Dec 2021 at 15:00
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