Crimes, Camera, Action

The multi-award-winning New Old Friends are touring once again with the latest hilarious show in their hugely popular ‘Crimes…’ series of comedy thrillers. Crimes, Camera, Action whisks the audience to golden-era Hollywood and introduces a new lead detective, a worldweary, hard-boiled private-eye in the mould of Humphrey Bogart meet Stan Shakespeare.

The case? A screen starlet is stabbed as a result of a prop mix-up on set. It sets in motion a typically fast-paced and hilarious chain of events that sees a cast of four exceptional comic actors take on multiple roles, sometimes within the same scene.

Expect the usual New Old Friends mix of great theatrical set pieces, the quickest of quick changes, lightning-fast word play and a thrilling plot driving the action at breakneck pace.

"Envelops you in a warm fug of nostalgic silliness" - The Financial Times


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Octagaon Theatre
United Kingdom
BA20 1UX
Start Date:
20th Feb 2022 at 19:30
End Date:
20th Feb 2022 at 21:30
£16.50 (£15.00 Concessions)
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Bookings Not Allowed
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