Join storyteller and writer Michael Loader at this Somerset Art Works event (SAW) on Tuesday 27th September at St John’s church in Highbridge from 1030-1230 to meet new friends and share your interest, curiosity, questions and love of the moon.

Through conversation, games, photographs, activities and a moon related object or story you bring, we will be ‘walking on the moon’ sharing personal stories, reading poems and creating our own words both individually and collaboratively in small groups.

If English is not your first language that is not a problem, share words from your own language that will enhance and deepen our experience together and by the end of the session - if you aren’t already - you’ll be a selenophile!

This 2 hour session is free and there will be a chance to read your words on Saturday October 8th - just before Full Moon – at St John’s alongside Michael’s work and live music.

… The forest is quiet apart from the occasional swell of waves that sweep through the treetop pines as I lie cocooned in my layers looking up through the eye hole of my bivvy to twenty bright stars …

You can hear all episodes of Michael’s ’Sleeping with the Moon’ podcast here … … inspired by his 12 full moon sleep outs of 2021

Michael is a storyteller and facilitator with 30 years experience of working at home and abroad, in community settings, festivals, libraries, arts centres, museums, the corporate world, residential homes for elders and education for all ages.

“Michael has brought people together and created new friendships, thus reducing social isolation and loneliness. Michael has a natural, creative talent, that should be spread far and wide for the benefit of others”.
Tina Huckle-Mills West of England Rural Community Development

"Michael ran a Storytelling and Poetry session where he wove a magical story taking us into a different world. Afterwards he gave time for each person space to express themselves, showing empathy and sensitivity. It was obvious that people had been inspired and lit up by his words”.
Nicola Taylor Alive Activities

“Thanks so much for a fab and wonderful session, I'm so happy we had a good-sized group and everyone was really engaged and inspired today, so thank you for your energy and inspiration!”
Rosie Seagar The Wallich

To book your free place contact Michael Loader at

St John's Church
Church Street
United Kingdom
Start Date:
27th Sep 2022 at 10:30
End Date:
27th Sep 2022 at 12:30
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Fully Booked
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