Santa's Post Office

Santa’s Post Office experience is a free interactive experience for the whole family.

Come along and meet the Elves who will welcome you into the magic Post Office. Your child will then be escorted to a huge table covered in paper, pens, stickers and glitter so they can write their letter to Santa. Parents and Guardians are free to rest in one of the sofas or just look around the Post Office, taking in the fireplace, counter, sleigh and trees.

While your child is writing their letter, Parents or Guardians are asked to pop up to the counter to register and are secretly given a personalised reply in a green envelope by the chief elf behind the counter.

When the letter to Santa is written it is placed in a red envelope and with the help of Elves, your child goes up to the magic post box and posts the letter. They then press the button to send it to Lapland and see the light display showing the letter travelling all the way to Father Christmas.

Your child can then take a selfie in the sleigh with the Reindeer.

The next morning, a green envelope magically appears through the letterbox thanking the child for visiting the Post Office.

Santas's Post Office will be open on the following days:

  • 27th November 11am - 4pm 
  • 28th November 11am - 4pm 
  • 4th December 11am - 4pm 
  • 5th December 11am - 4pm 
  • 11th December 11am - 4pm 
  • 12th December 11am - 4pm 
  • 18th December 11am - 4pm 
  • 19th December 11am - 4pm 
  • 20th December 11am - 4pm 
  • 21st December 11am - 4pm 
  • 22nd December 11am - 4pm 
  • 23rd December 11am - 4pm 

No booking required, just turn up and enjoy the magic

Santa's Post Office
19/20 High Street
United Kingdom
BA20 1RF
Start Date:
27th Nov 2021 at 11:00
End Date:
23rd Dec 2021 at 16:00
Add To Calendar:
Bookings Not Allowed
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